Dr Carolyn McKay researches and writes about criminology, criminal law, technologies in justice, surveillance, research methodologies and contemporary visual arts practices.

Book (Research Monograph)

McKay, C. "The Pixelated Prisoner: Prison video links, court 'appearance' and the justice matrix', Routledge (2018).

Co-authored Book

Mason, G., Maher, J., McCulloch, J., Pickering, S., Wickes, R. and McKay, C. 'Policing Hate Crime: Understanding Communities and Prejudice'  Routledge (forthcoming 2017).

Book Chapters

McKay, C. 'Face-to-Interface Communication: Accessing Justice by Video Link from Prison' in Asher Flynn and Jackie Hodgson (eds) Access to Justice: Comparative Perspectives on Unmet Legal Need, Hart Publishing, (2017).

McKay, C. 'Art, Criminology and Research' in Thwaites, D. (ed) Critical Animalia: A Decade between Disciplines (2013) CLP, Newcastle: 93-96.

Journal Articles

McKay, C. 'Model Prison.' The Annual Review of Interdisciplinary Justice Research. (2017) Vol 6: 236-239.

McKay, C. 'Pixels, screens and prison video links: changing how lawyers deal with clients.' Law Society Journal, December 2016.

McKay, C. 'Video Links from Prison: Permeability and the Carceral World.' International Journal for Crime, Justice & Social Democracy 5.1 (2016): 21-37.

McKay, C. 'Video Links from Prison: Court “Appearance” within Carceral Space.' Law, Culture and the Humanities (2015): 1743872115608350: 1-21.

McKay, C. 'Covert: the artist as voyeur.' Surveillance & Society 11.3 (2013): 334-353. Available at:

McKay, C. 'Video Conferencing from Prison: Inmates, Screens and the Remote Custody Dock' The International Journal of New Media, Technology and the Arts, 7.3 (2013): 21-32.

McKay, C. 'Murder Ob/Scene: The Seen, Unseen and Ob/Scene in Murder Trials' Law Text Culture, 14.1 (2010): 79-93.

McKay, C. 'Word of Mouth: Eyewitness Testimony' (2010) Yemaya, Sydney University Law Society: 72-3.

Catalogue Essay

McKay, C. justiceINjustice (2018). The Lock-Up.

Book Review Essay

McKay, C. 'Human rights in closed environments [Book Review].' The Sydney Law Review, 37.4 (2015): 617-634.

Published Conference Papers

McKay, C. 'The Principle of Orality and the Posthuman Courtroom' (2012)

Coventry, Garry & Shircore, Mandy (Eds.). (2012).

Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Australian and New Zealand Critical Criminology Conference. July 7 and 8, 2011, James Cook University, Cairns Campus. Townsville, Queensland: James Cook University.

PhD Thesis

McKay, C. 'Audio visual links from prison: Prisoners' experiences of video technologies for accessing justice', University of Sydney (2016).

Masters Thesis

McKay, C. 'Word of Mouth: Eyewitness Testimony' (2009) MVA thesis, Fisher Rare Books. 7

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